découvrez notre sélection des meilleures box maternité pour accompagner la grossesse et le post-partum. des cadeaux parfaits pour prendre soin des futures mamans et faciliter leur transition vers la maternité.

What are the best maternity boxes to offer to support pregnancy and postpartum?

Criteria for Choosing the Best Maternity Box

There maternity box is an increasingly popular concept, allowing every pregnant woman to be supported from the start of her pregnancy until the arrival of her baby. But with the multitude of offers on the market, how to choose the best maternity box? Here are some important criteria to consider.

Adapted to the Period of Pregnancy

The best maternity box is the one that will be adapted to each period of pregnancy. Indeed, the needs of the mother-to-be evolve throughout the pregnancy. For example, the Saint-Roch polyclinic in Montpellier has launched a box to support parents during this crucial period. Whether it is a box to prepare for the arrival of the baby or to learn to manage the stress of pregnancy, the main thing is that the box meets the specific needs of each pregnant woman at different stages of her pregnancy.

Information on Key Stages

Some maternity boxes offer detailed information on key stages. For example, on the epidural, its pain, its procedure and its risks. Or even on early exit from maternity ward, its organization and monitoring. This information, presented in an empathetic and reassuring manner, allows future mothers to better understand and manage the different processes related to childbirth.

Original and Personalized Content

A maternity box must also offer original and personalized content. This could, for example, be the proposal by the Petit Bateau brand to rent baby clothes rather than buying them, an idea that is both practical and eco-responsible. Or the FamiliBox Baby Love, a 100% baby box which offers various and useful products for babies.
This content can also be more symbolic, such as an original girl’s name that evokes travel, or a personalized birth gift. The important thing is that each maternity box can bring a personal touch adapted to each future mother.

Quality of Products and Services Offered

Finally, one of the most important criteria is undoubtedly the quality of the products and services offered. Whatever the contents of the maternity box, they must be of quality, in order to bring real added value to each future mother. This ranges from baby clothes to support services during and after pregnancy. Without forgetting the sharing of information on the child’s different presentations.
In conclusion, choosing the best maternity box depends on a variety of criteria, adapted to the specific needs of each pregnant woman. This requires the quality and relevance of the products and services offered, original and personalized content, as well as empathetic and reassuring information on the key stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

The Best Boxes to Support Pregnancy

discover the best maternity boxes for a peaceful pregnancy and a well-supported postpartum. perfect gifts to pamper future mothers.

During pregnancy, every woman needs a little treat. And what’s better than a subscription to a maternity box? These little boxes, delivered straight to your door, are designed to make every mother-to-be smile. Whether it is advice, support or simply a surprise to please you, we have found the best selection of maternity boxes in France.

Focus on maternity boxes during pregnancy

There maternity box is a concept that has won over many future mothers. These boxes, filled with little pleasures and essentials, bring a dose of happiness during these months of waiting. Self-care products, rental maternity clothes, vitamin gummies, everything can be included to pamper you during this unique period.

Maternity box and postpartum support

Contrary to what some may think, it’s not just pregnancy that is a delicate period. Postpartum is also an ordeal where the young mother needs support and gentleness. In response, some companies offer maternity box postpartum specials. As the famous podcast “Baby Questions” reminds us, postpartum represents a real upheaval for all young mothers.

The new baby box trend

Postpartum is also an opportunity to welcome a new member of the family. This is why some maternity boxes have not forgotten to include little gifts for baby. In line with story boxes like Lunii, Tonies or Merlin, baby boxes also offer educational and stimulating toys for the child’s development.

Precautions to take

Despite their attractive side, it is important to remain vigilant when choosing your maternity box. As the Magicmaman website points out, some pregnancy boxes may contain products that are not suitable or not recommended during pregnancy. So, take the time to read the descriptions carefully before making your choice.

Our choice of maternity box in 2022

In 2022, if we had to choose a maternity box, we would opt for a complete box, which accompanies the mother-to-be throughout her pregnancy and even afterwards with products relevant to the postpartum period. A box that respects the needs of each mother, which offers natural and healthy products, and of course, which pleases!
To conclude, whether you are pregnant or a new mother, maternity boxes are little touches that can make all the difference. They combine pleasure, discovery and utility. So why not give in to temptation?

The ideal Maternity Boxes for Postpartum

discover the best maternity boxes to support pregnancy and postpartum. offer a considerate and useful gift to a mother-to-be with our selection of suitable products.

After giving birth, a whole new world opens up to the mother. Adaptation to the new role, fatigue, finding one’s healthy weight, without forgetting the challenges related to his mental and physical health; Postpartum is quite an adventure. Fortunately, there are Maternity Boxes specially designed to support mothers in this phase.

Fighting postpartum depression

A maternity box can present itself as a real bubble of serenity in your hectic daily life as a new mother. Indeed, some boxes offer food supplements rich in omega 3, known for their beneficial effects on mood and their ability to fight postpartum depression.

Find your healthy weight

After childbirth, the question of returning to healthy weight is common. To help you in this process, some maternity boxes contain nutritional advice, sports programs to practice at home and even healthy snacks to avoid unwanted snacking.

Take care of your body

The body changes after pregnancy, and it is essential for a young mother to regain confidence in herself and her body. Maternity boxes also think about this problem: creams for the stomach, compression tights for heavy legs, or even specific treatments to use in a bath or jacuzzi, of course while respecting the usual precautions.

Find a fulfilling sex life

It is sometimes difficult to regain sexuality after the arrival of a baby. Maternity boxes understand this need and offer different products to facilitate this return to intimacy. Natural lubricants, guides for fulfilling sexuality after childbirth or even reliable condoms for a first intercourse after childbirth without stress.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with baby

The first parties with baby are always special moments. For Valentine’s Day, for example, some boxes reserve surprises to celebrate with the family. Little personalized bodysuits for babies, scented candles for cocooning moments, or even ideas for games to play together.
THE maternity boxes ideal for postpartum are therefore a valuable support to get through this period filled with upheavals. They meet the needs of the mother as much as those of the baby, so that this new adventure takes place peacefully.

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